on the half shell?

The Biz
Oyster Yachts has completed and delivered its first vessel since entering new management earlier this year. The Oyster 575 had been initially ordered under the previous ownership but had been left incomplete when the business fell into administration, leaving new leadership to take charge of finishing the yacht build.
An official champagne naming ceremony will be taking place in Ipswich later today, culminating in a launch party attended by the sailing yacht’s new owners as well as Paul Adamson (CCO) & Becky Bridgen (CFO), who will be there to welcome the latest addition to the Oyster family. The yacht, Marta III, was officially launched at 2pm today.
This follows news that under its new leadership, Oyster Yachts has agreed contracts to complete almost all of the orders which were underway when the previous company collapsed. There are currently 14 vessels being completed at Oyster’s sites in Southampton and Norfolk.
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