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As of July 2018, Trogear’s adjustable carbon fiber bowsprits are in over 20 countries and on more than 70 types of yachts. Their standard models do the job in most cases, but Trogear also works with boat owners to provide customisation such as adjusted length to meet specific requirements. Additionally, In response to increasing demand for their bowsprits from larger yacht owners, Trogear has developed a more robust model to handle the loads that come with the territory.
One of these custom bowsprits was part of the weapons helping Justin Bonar’s Jeanneau 53 “YYZ” take first in class and overall performance trophy in the 2018 Newport Bermuda Race. Mounted on the anchor roller using custom designed brackets the sprit instills confidence from the start. “When you rap the sprit with your knuckles, it feels like metal, it is hard to believe it is carbon fiber.” commented Justin. “Trogear was fantastic to work with, meeting our specific needs in a responsive and thorough manner. Together we were able to come up with a solution that fit the boat and the engineering demands.”
Trogear congratulates the YYZ Team on a great race and win. “Justin has been great to work with and we are of course very pleased with the results, both of the bowsprit and the Newport Bermuda Race!” Click the pic to watch the race with YYZ.
The Trogear Bowsprit comes in 4 standard models, with custom bowsprits available on request.
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