the other hawaii

Sure, the Pac Cup and Victoria-Maui races to Hawaii are under way, but no way did you know there was a third race, under way as I write. Keith Magnussen tells us all about it…
Starting something new and fresh in sailing, or any other sport, can be a huge challenge.  First you have to have a good idea, and then, you need to convince people to take a chance.  Unfortunately a lot of good ideas never get past the first stages and some that do never get the credit they deserve.
Lately I have been working with some Single Handed sailors getting them ready for various races around So Cal.  It has opened my eyes to a sub culture among sailing. I know single handed racing is popular in places like France, but here in the USA it does not garnish the same sort of attention as it does across the pond.  One sailor in particular, Larry Robertson, has had a dream of racing his Seawind 1000 (pictured) to Hawaii for a few years. That dream came true when the Pacific Single Handed Sailing Association (PSSA) introduced the Shaka Challenge!  The race started from Marina Del Rey on July 2nd and Larry has been sending me some updates form his trip.  The race only got 4 boats entered but hey, you have to start somewhere!  Below is a little write up he sent me and I hope that next time a few more sailors follow suit and fulfill their solo sailing dreams.
Left July 1st on the first ever Shaka Challenge, the So Cal Single Handed Transpac.  The race was created last fall by we at the PSSA so people that wanted to race could without have to bash up to SF.  
Anyway eight days out now and my half way point is coming up in 41 miles at 1636 Monday the 9th.  It all gets to be a blur but here are some highlights I can remember right now. Last Thursday was awesome.  Wind 20+ or -. Swell 6-8 ft. Hand steered all day because it was fun. Drove my Seawind 1000 33 ft catamaran like a beach cat and hit 17.1 kts.  Then Friday everything went down hill. My main halyard cover split it self while putting in a reef. Took all day to fix that the next day. Had a batten car fitting come off its mast car and tore the main.  Another batten decided to come out of its keeper at the aft end of the sail. And a couple other things. Finally got it all fixed and main back up this morning and back in the lead. Sailed Saturday and Sunday all day with just the screecher as sailing deep downwind.  Quite comfortable. Merrily on my way now. Hope to finish in 15 days.
Larry Robertson