it's tricky

One of our favorite friends is Artie Means who happens to navigating the Mills 68 Prospector in the Pac Cup. He gives us a quick look at the weather for the race….
Quite tricky Pac Cup this year, unless you started with the first group yesterday!
Here are 2 screen shots, showing Tues am (24 hrs for the Monday fleet) and Sat am (24 hrs for the last starters) which is the chart you see to the left.
The early boats are getting a nice Pac Cup reach, cruising at 8-10knots (really good for the ‘slow’ boats)
But by Thursday, an upper level low is forecast to come over the area and sit directly on the rhumb line, shut off the fun, and make a very tricky call whether we go under it on the traditional course or above it to the north. As the pic shows, the white colored area is zero wind; so rhumb line isn’t an option. Luckily we have a few more days to watch the forecast before we have to make that call.
My guess is that the very powered up Prospector won’t see the 10knot speeds for her first 24hrs; makes it hard to catch the first boats! Fingers crossed this low dissolves, but not likely! Title thanks to RUN DMC.