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Big Pimpin’
As we close in on the fall 2018 launch of boat #1, its time to start thinking about what it will feel like to sail the Gunboat 68! For this latest model, Gunboat started with a blank sheet of paper and set out to design a new steering system that, out of the factory, would deliver the well-balanced feel and robustness desired for the range of use of a performance catamaran in both racing and cruising settings.
“There were multiple challenges,” says Gunboat’s Head of Engineering Stéphane Renard. “Our end-goal was a steering system that is well integrated. It has to deliver a great feel at the helm and offer options for adjustment to give the owner the exact response level they want. Not only does it have to be easy to install and maintain, but also built ready for the options of T-rudders and tillers. Of course, the rudders have to be retractable too. We even looked at worst case scenarios – in a collision the rudder will be sacrificial but the hull itself remains watertight. It’s a unique and demanding set of criteria so we partnered with engineering experts and, in fact, designed the rest of the boat around the space requirements of the steering system.”
The steering system integrates components from well known and trusted industry pros:
– Carbon transmission tube system from Jefa
– Rudder bearing, structure, and lifting system design by Michel Desjoyeaux / Mer Forte
– Rudder blades designed and structurally engineered by VPLP, and built by C3 Technologies
– Installation, and design concept oversight by Gunboat, with intel from the Gunboat owners and captains
“The system is simple, strong and reliable and it will deliver exceptional feel at the helm, which is the standard we know Gunboat owners expect on a brand new yacht.”
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