back then

“I found these fotos (1988?) of the prototype SR Max the day (night) of launching. I can’t believe how crazy I was to do this. I blame it on youth. We launched Slot Machine the night before the Kahlua Cup, an overnight distance race in usually windy conditions. It was a usual race. We were still bolting down hardware on the way to the start line the next day. In an untested prototype (and unusual design in those days), we lit out in at times 25 knots of breeze.
There was a long reaching leg and we won our division. We got protested that we didn’t have running lights and got thrown out. We appealed and won as “a yacht under 7 meters needs only a white light to shine to prevent collision”. USYRU appeal; Slot Machine vs. Clearwater Yacht Club.
Though we got protested, I was pretty thrilled as I had never gone that fast on a monohull in my life.” – Anarchist Glen.
Title thanks to Mike Jones. Got a “back then” story/photo? Send it.