unspeakable horror

Okay this is plainly so horrific…
A disabled teenager out for a sailing trip last week was dropped while being lifted off a sailboat, fell onto the vessel’s deck and slid into the water. He was pronounced dead at the hospital, in what his mother said is an unfathomable end to a great life.
“He kept saying: ‘Mama, I’m scared,’ and that’s the last thing he said to me,” said mother Carrie Pollard. “It was horrible.”
The accident happened on June 21 about 4 p.m. a dock used by the Canadian Forces Sailing Association, a Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt recreational club, located off federal land at Munroe Head off Maplebank Road.
Gabriel Pollard, 16, had just finished sailing with the Disabled Sailing Association of Victoria when the hand-winch sling carrying him off a Martin 16 sailboat broke loose.
Gabriel, whose severe form of muscular dystrophy, diagnosed at age four, rendered him unable to walk and barely able to use his arms, was at the top of a hoist.
“And I hear this snap and he fell about four feet onto the sailboat on his back and his head snapped back and he slid into the water,” said his mother. Read on thanks to The Times Colonist