it could be you

The following is information about the recent loss of the 46’ sailboat KELAERIN, and the rescue (by USCG helicopter) of her crew.
The text below is from the owner of the boat, and in her words. It is a very vivid description of what happened and how conditions were at the time. I have highlighted by bold some of the points to note.
This is one of the best descriptions I have read outside of a book. I am making no judgement of this incident or loss. I am glad the crew is safe. I also commend the USCG rescue of these sailors. The helicopter crew was at the limit of their fuel, and landed with just one minute of fuel left, after the rescue 180 miles offshore! Heroic.
I am sharing this account here with the sole intention of helping others see what can happen to even experienced sailors on a well found cruising boat. This boat is 46 feet long. Sailed by an experienced couple who had 17 years of experience. This happened to them as they neared the end of their circumnavigation.
Note the description of how the boat was inside after the wave strike. Note the loss of the dinghy and the life raft. Note the multiple inoperable electric bilge pumps and why. Note the inoperable SSB radio. Note the onset of hypothermia. Note the importance of the ditch bag. Please remember this post is NOT a criticism of them. Instead, note these things can happen to anyone.
They were experienced cruisers and have 17 years of cruising experience. This couple had previously sailed a very long distance around the world, almost a circumnavigation. They crossed the Atlantic, went through the Mediterranean and the Suez Canal, and had crossed the Pacific on their way home to Washington state in the USA.
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