When the big boat is all put up on the trailer or in it’s slip early cause your crew had to go home early and you just want to continue hanging out at the Yacht Club, imagine yourself walking to your vehicle and pulling out a Radio Controlled (RC) One-Design racing boat and heading down to the dock with your buddies for some round the buoys fun. Start the countdown timer or someone’s watch and let the racing begin. The best part, your ice chest is right next to you and you can still race by the same rules, get a half more dozen races off, still yell rules at your buddies, and then go home that night with bragging rights that you won….and all under an hour from your Yacht Club’s docks or deck!
This is the newest craze hitting Yacht Clubs all over the country these days! Clubs are buying up sometimes groups of 12 boats to start a new One-Design Class in their club to have off-time racing or even teaching rules and tactics. Some clubs have even started Friday nights “under the lights” racing in their lighted harbors. Some Clubs have even started series and even Championship races amongst some of their top skippers. One Club has even started RC racing as part of the NOOD Regatta events, and the first year out they ended up being the largest One-Design Fleet in the entire NOOD weekend. Sailed from the deck of the Chicago Yacht Club with spectators viewing and cheering from only a few feet away from standing skippers and the starting line!
Like I said above, RC sailboat racing has become the latest craze to hit Yacht Clubs all over the country. And the American Model Yachting Association (AMYA) has been there for all of it to lend assistance in any way they can to help the club or organization get started. Sometimes just the burden of feeding a crew, maintaining a boat, launching and retrieving a boat to and from a trailer, or even just getting old and the body just can’t do it anymore can get to some people out of sailing. But the passion of racing a sailboat is still there and all you need is two good thumbs and the desire to still want to compete or sail. Maybe RC Sailing is for you.
The AMYA is the one place to go for all questioned asked to get started. There are RC racing regattas every weekend of the year somewhere in the country. There are Regional and National Championships and in some cases even World Championships for specific Classes. Just click on the ad/banner here on the side and keep the fire going in your belly whether it’s just for a couple hours a week after your real boat sailing has ended or just a couple hours with your buddies on the dock. Give it a try, put a transmitter in your hands and you will get hooked. Remember they say….one boat is sailing, two boats is a race, and three boats make a regatta with your buddies!!!!
Same excitement, same rules, same close call action, at a fraction of the cost. And most importantly your never far from that adult beverage just sitting in the ice chest at your feet!!!!!
Anarchist Ray – AMYA President