Big Pimpin’
For a class declared as having ‘passed’ as recently as 2012 the TP52 seems to be doing rather well… Although I see myself as a butler running a complicated house, some see me as a saviour and others as just lucky when it comes to my work as manager of the TP52 class.
For sure it is easier to look good in your profession when things go well. Then again, to be tested at times helps to become better at the job. Since being declared dead by most in the industry in 2012 when we were down to four boats, the remarkable resurrection now known as the 52 Super Series, built upon three owners deciding to set up a new series when the MedCup faltered, has since attracted about 20 owners. From 2014 to 2018 it was the motivation behind the construction of 20 new TP52s.
Confidence is back, as 52 Super Series experienced in her recently launched Technical Partners programme – chalking up names like Quantum Sails, North Sails, Southern Spars, King Marine, Longitud Cero and Botín Partners. Their contribution allows live TV links between races for interviews and race summaries. Some new 2018 boats still need to be launched but what I see so far makes me extremely happy to be part of this household.
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