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Hey remember the balls-up in Newport, RI involving some VOR boys, especially Andrew Cape? Well we have the police report, and damn if it doesn’t make for some good reading:
While on scene the large crowd continued to gather in front of the establishment and onto Bannisters Wharf. I advised people to move out of the area to move them along. NFD personell had to advised multiple people to move out of their way as they attempted to get to the building, NFD turned off the fire alarm and they were clearing the scene.
The engine was directly in front of the Clark Cooke House and needed to be reversed down Bannisters Wharf. They asked for our assistance. There were approximately 100 people in the middle of Bannisters Wharf standing in the street. 1 observed a female and a male standing on the rear of the engine taking photographs and I advised them to get off the engine. The engine had its reverse lights and horn on as it attempted to reverse down the wharf.
Officer Coyle and myself attempted to clear the crowd out of the roadway and have them stand on the sidewalk area. I was yelling to all persons to move away from the fire truck and on the sidewalk area. The crowd was advised multiple times to move out of the way.
I heard a commotion on the North side of Bannister Wharf. I observed Officer Coyle attempting to arrest a male party, later identified as Andrew Cape. Read the whole thing!