um, you didn't win if you didn't enter

There are a couple Extreme named boats under one owner. One of them is a M32 cat Extreme2. Here is their post about the Windsor YC overnight race:
Extreme2 sailed in the first overnight race for a stock M32 last night in the WYC Overnight Race in Lake St. Clair.. The conditions were perfect for most of the race and we were shredding at 20 knots non-stop.. The last leg turned into a light air beat, that left us pretty much drifting over the finish line.
In spite of a rating of -176, we corrected out 1 hour and 20 minutes ahead of the next boat…
Thanks to the team:
Dave Shriner
Taylor Canfield
Bora Gulari
John Wallace
Also, Tyler Black who followed us through the night in the support boat.
Along with Tyler, was John Stevens (Team Sprint ) and Gooch (who everyone knows)
Extreme2 crushed it last night !!
Only problem….
They weren’t actually entered. They were allowed to pace the course but not be scored.  So how exactly do you “correct out” if you aren’t entered?  They didn’t “correct out” over anybody.
Are we missing something here, or is there just some straight-up bullshitting going on?