Big Pimpin’
Capehorn.us is truly something special. Notebooks, wallets, card holders, key chains, eyeglass straps, coasters, are just some of the new products that Cape Horn is launching this year, always letting sailors keep their passion close, even on land.
We’ve all seen many different reincarnations of recycled sails, but these guys, located in Chile, South America, have a strong concept and a story behind that inspire. The sails that they use for their handcrafted products come from sailors that have challenged the southernmost tip waters of the world.
Cape Horn is the Mount Everest for sailors and every product is built with the aim to inspire people to challenge their limits, just like a Cape Horner sailing in the coldest, hazardous and wildest waters of the world.
If you are planning to give a gift for you or to your dad with a story behind, you should check out their products that are available on amazon. Order up right here and get a Father’s Day discount!