Big Pimpin’
The growing – fortunate – band of big cat owners are really getting it together. Witness the ‘sporty’ and successful racing debut this winter in the Caribbean of the first few super cool all-carbon HH66 cats built by Hudson Yacht Group
The entry of Hudson Yacht Group’s HH66s into this winter’s Caribbean racing circuit illustrates interesting aspects of their design: despite significant differences in interior layout, accommodation, deck plan, rig plan and even sail sizes and inventory, this Morelli & Melvin designed luxury cat can still deliver both speed and comfort. This is testament to the design’s flexibility to accommodate unique features, plus the ability of Hudson Yacht Group to imagine, design and build to the tastes of each owner and meet their vision of luxury high speed offshore sailing.
One of the premier events in the Caribbean season is the annual Les Voiles de St Barth Regatta, which attracts some of the most luxurious performance monohulls and multihulls to enjoy a nicely balanced week of sailing and sunning: the perfect milieu for the HH66. Winds are typically a mix of fresh 20kt+ trade winds and near-drifting, and seas vary from oceanic breakers to flat as a mill pond. So versatility in performance is important.
Equally important this season was the dedication shown by the three HH66 owners and all other participants at Les Voiles. After the devastating storms that hit the region in September 2017 the rebuilding efforts at St Barths and all the northern islands were very much boosted by the yachtsmen’s loyalty – and their business. Read on.