don't believe the hype

Reader Rant
There is some interesting, yet weird, commentary by World Sailing President about the recent London World Sailing Council decisions…
“Therefore, it is my pleasure to report that the final two submissions for the 2024 Summer Olympic program support four mixed events and accommodate a broad range of physiques. Both submissions reflect how diverse our sport is, the first by including a new event for Offshore and the second including a new event for women – but both include mixed kite.”
Why commenting so favorably on a submission that was defeated? Why now suggesting that the “mixed single-handed” event is now a “new event for women”?
The Finn sailors will be disappointed … 🙂
Also, why claiming that the new events will accommodate “a broad range of physiques”? As discussed previously, a pretty high weight target of 70 kg has been decided for female sailors for the new (and controversial) mixed single-handed dinghy.
With one fewer 470 female sailor, the new line up for Marseilles 2024 is at best neutral, thanks to the addition of one female rider, in the context of the new mixed kiteboarding event.
What seems clear from the newsletter is that World Sailing wants to have $300,000 Beneteau Figaro 3s for a mixed offshore demonstration event at Marseilles 2024, even though that submission was defeated. – Anarchist Jean.