is it just us?

If a fleet of Le Mans Prototypes and a fleet of jalopies showed up to race at Le Mans, which group would you watch?  No brainer. I mean sure, you’d watch the jalopies for some mild amusement, but you’d get down with the real cars and drivers for the long haul.
But what if said fleet of jalopies said, “fuck you, we’re gonna race anyway”, would you give a fuck? And after days and weeks and months of the 4ksb’s getting widely separated, tons of mishaps, etc., all while still going 4 knots, tell me you wouldn’t fall asleep at your computer.
So while we appreciate the effort and dedication of all involved, and hope somehow we are proven wrong, we’d say the odds are stacked against them in this one. Let’s just hope nobody dies…
We originally thought it starts today, but the snailfest starts next month…We would link to their site but it won’t load. Here’s FB. Photo thanks to Mark Sinclair.