before it's too late…

As performance sailors we are not only passionate about our sport but also the seas upon which it’s played, so it’s not a hard stretch to harness this enthusiasm to help preserve the health and well-being of the oceans.
Sailors for the Sea have relied on this passion to fuel their mission of educating and activating the sailing community into ocean conservation. It’s been a successful journey for the organisation founded by David Rockefeller Jr and Dr David Treadway 10 years ago.
Now, moving to the next level, Sailors for the Sea have combined forces with Oceana – the world’s largest international ocean conservation organisation. This partnership will expand Sailors for the Sea’s resources and directly involve them – and the sailing community – in campaigns designed to protect the world’s oceans.
Oceana have four million supporters including top scientists, policy experts, celebrities and more. They have campaign teams in Canada, the US, Mexico, Belize, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Spain, Denmark, Belgium, the UK and the Philippines, plus ocean-going research vessels, remotely operated vessels (ROVs) and a 71ft double-masted catamaran.
But, most importantly, they have a proven track record of winning policy changes that increase ocean biodiversity and abundance and, ultimately, make the oceans healthier and more robust.
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