snowflakes and rule 69

From our Fabulous Forums, brought to you by Marlow Ropes. Ah yes, Rule 69, one of the biggest bullshit rules in our lame-ass sport. The way it is written now, if you fart, some whiner can protest you.  Just as an interesting side note, it is highly suspected that your editor here was specifically targeted in a Rule 69 e-mail sent out by a particular YC.
We all have people who do not like us in this sport, but as you can imagine, I get an inordinate amount of misplaced hate from people who would love to protest me for Rule 69. Not gonna happen. – ed.
Anyone have any thoughts on whether R69 is being increasingly enforced for (in my opinion) ridiculously PC reasons. I heard of a 69 hearing at a recent event where a person was found guilty of a ‘heat of the moment’ shout (no other rule breach) that was deemed a minimal (no further action) breach yet took over 4 hours to resolve by the jury.
Fair enough if it was *actual* gross misconduct, however this was more akin to a start line in a cruising class shouting “up up up” and when the boat in the wrong was ignoring the suggestion, then shouting “will you fvkking go up!!”
Have sailors become so fickle that they are ‘deeply offended’ by this (as was recorded on the protest form). Is seems, having chatted to a few pros about this, that there is a mandate from the ISAF to clamp down on such behavior, lest some poor snowflake get offended by it.
Is this what we have become?
What will happen to these poor easily offended people on a north Atlantic offshore with a 30ft following sea in 30kts with a kite up and the shyt hits the fan? I really fear for them and I don’t think the answer is for sailing federations to simply make more cotton wool available.
Any views on this?