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My dear friend and fellow yachtie Doug Holthaus passed away yesterday, after years of serious health issues. Perhaps the most colorful motherfucker I have ever known, Doug could hold court and spin yarns like a bitch. Professionally, Doug was a very successful lawyer and negotiator, including a number of high-level, behind the scenes in various America’s Cup deals. The guy could walk it like he talked it.
I’ve known Doug for 30 years, and always found him to be a total delight of a man; a conversationalist, a true friend, and one of the funniest, most articulate and profane cocksuckers I’ve ever known. That man could tell some stories.
Before you get your panties in a twist over my language here – I use those two “bad words”, because they were his most used favorites. I have never met a more profane man than me until I met Doug. He could wax eloquently about any topic one cared to bring up, while liberally dropping in any number of “swear” words. But if the ladies were around, well Doug became eloquent, complimentary and flattering Doug. A true gift!
That gift of a brutally smart mind, and yet profane as hell, was one of the characteristics I admired about Doug! But the one thing, the best thing that shines through like a beacon of light was what a sweet man and true friend he was. If I had a serious issue or question, I often went to Doug for counsel. He was honest, genuine and understanding.
Doug and I shared a number of sailing things together, most notably he was an early partner in Anarchy 1 when we bought our first Flying Tiger. He might have raced on the boat 5 times, but he liked being a part of the madness. And speaking of madness – the good kind – Doug is the only son of a bitch I know to get kicked out of SDYC for a year for fighting and cursing!! A fucking badge of honor, if you ask me.
Rarely have I been this devastated by someone’s passing, but Doug wasn’t just someone. Doug Holthaus was the motherfucking man. God damn mate, I’m sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye, but I suppose that we really never get to do that. But I got to know you and you were loved by most everyone, including me. Fair winds, my brother. – ed.
PS – I can’t possibly know or share all the Doug H stories, so I have created a thread for those of you who wish to share. Please do.