president dumbshit

Is there anything the Orange Criminal can’t fuck up?
Canada-US trade war heats up as Canada announces C$16bn in new tariffs on US-made goods, including powerboats, sailboats and inflatables. The government of Canada announced late Thursday that it will impose more than C$16bn in tariffs on a variety of US-made goods in retaliation against newly implemented US tariffs on steel and aluminium that come into effect today.
The new Canadian countermeasures, scheduled to take effect on July 1, will assess a 10% import duty on a variety of US-made goods including inflatable boats, powerboats and sailboats.
The action comes in response to the Trump administration’s decision Thursday morning to proceed with tariffs of 10% and 25% respectively on aluminium and steel imported from Canada, Mexico and the European Union. Read on, thanks to IBI.