slow boat to cardiff?

So many people have criticized the Volvo 65 since its inception. It’s too tippy, it is a truck and most of all  “It’s much slower than the VO70”.
Well all you naysayers start eating the humble pie, or your hat or whatever you said you would eat.
Earlier today Akzonobel completed 24 hours of sailing covering a distance of 600 NM surpassing the record of 596.6 Nm set by the mighty Ericsson 4 in 2008. That’s an average of just shy of 25 knots.
In fact it is only about 20 Nm (that’s about 1 knot) faster than the outright 24 hour monohull record set by the even mightier Comanche. Of course I can hear it already “The conditions must have been perfect”, “they were lucky”, “they caught the wind just right”.
I am sure all of the above were factors, however I am just as sure that those same factors applied to Ericsson or Comanche’s 24 hour runs. It also has to remember these guys weren’t sitting at the dock waiting for the perfect weather window they took what the Gods delivered and sent it.
And you know what’s more, unlike their predecessors it would lay odds that they will all make it to the Leg finish line.
Absolutely amazing.