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Ever wonder why the French – and especially the Bretons – are simply better than the rest of the world at offshore sailing?
Meet Les Glenans, which is an incredibly gorgeous archipelago a few miles south of Open 60 central at Port La Foret, but that’s not all: It’s also the site of the world’s most influential sailing school.  Founded by WW2 resistance fighters 70 years ago  and training up to 14,000 sailing students every year, French sailing would be a shadow of the massive sport it has become without Philippe and Hélène Viannay’s school.
Meanwhile, this video shows naval architect and longtime MACIF team member Charlie Dalin busy scoping out some training spots for his upcoming Vendee campaign.  He’s one of  around 6 new IMOCA builds that start laying down carbon over the next few weeks.  And yes, it will be a foiler!
Nice work on the edit from Martin Viezzer & Ronan Gladu.  Could have gone with a better soundtrack, though