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From our friends at Stevens Waring just won’t let this go!
Thinking aloud about a Cal 40 reboot turned out to be more “interesting” than we ever imagined.  When readers take the time to answer back, it’s time to do some design thinking.
In our last articles, we chatted idly over what we’d thought would be about keeping C. William Lapworth’s legendary pac-racing Cal 40 relevant to today’s materials and techniques. And, oh boy, what a hit. We’re no stranger to strong opinions and hot-bar arguments with this wacky and wonderful sailing tribe of ours. But we were caught out when this Cal 4040 piece instantly became our most popular story, ever. (It never hurts when our friends over at the all-mighty Sailing Anarchy copied and linked to the story. ) God damn right. – ed
Most readers were enthusiastic about our ideas for an updated rig, cleaner cockpit ergonomics and efficient replacement foils for the 40-footer. We even chuckled over the soft-core tongue lashing by a a Cal 40 lover over at Sailing Anarchy , attempting low-level denigration because “why on earth would we do such things” –what a bad idea these upgrades were.
And what fun to scan the incoming emails that offered insights as to why — and why not — to tinker with this classic. The Cal 40 is beloved and has a wonderful following. And we share that appreciation to the fullest. So thank you all, for that. You allowed us to dream.
But … if there’s going to be a serious discussion to the practicalities of marine design and engineering on a classic like the Cal 40, well we apologize in advance, but that is sort of what we do. That means we are obliged to step up, and get down, to some serious brass boat-nerd tacks on deep dive project brief on a Cal 40 reboot. Title inspiration thanks to the Happy Mondays.
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