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It’s a busy week in Mexico’s Valle de Bravo. This past weekend, Club Vela la Peña hosted the J/70 Mexican National Championships, and after a brief respite, the J/70 North American Championships began Wednesday morning. The 32 teams competing represent both coasts of the U.S., Argentina, and many of Mexico’s main racing towns – Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun and locals from Valle.
This mountain lake venue is a challenge for anyone, but especially those of us visiting for the first time. The prevailing breeze is a thermal that fills over the mountains like clockwork at noon daily, only to be fought back by a cool southern breeze and thunderstorms from the west a few hours later.
Conditions are shifty and puffy, but as the lone gringa on a team of locals aboard Luis Barrios’ Xpress, I seem to be assimilating quickly — after two days of racing in the Mexican Nationals, our team slid into First Corinthian by just two points! (We can add a few style points for the already-outdated Anarchy III flatbrim, which made the pilgrimage with me south of the border). The overall national champion was Javier Navarro’s Bandoola Racing.
Numerous tequila shots later, we are back into it as of Wednesday morning, with 4 races completed on the first day of NAs. The results of day 1 have three American teams in podium position, with the Argentines close on their heels. Racing continues through Saturday. Results.
– legendary SCOTW, Aly Di Nas.