NMMA makes full frontal assault on Trump tariffs
The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) in the US is taking an aggressive, multi-front stand against a series of new tariffs on aluminium and imported marine products introduced by the Trump administration. NMMA president Thom Dammrich penned a blistering editorial on the international finance website, CNBC.com, while the NMMA joined more than 100 other organisations opposing the tariffs. NMMA officials also testified today against the tariffs with special government committees in Washington, DC.
Dammrich wrote in the CNBC editorial that “Trump’s ‘America First’ trade policy is putting manufacturers last.” The US$37bn US boating industry, a “powerhouse of American manufacturing”, is “alarmed and let down” by Trump’s new tariffs on aluminium, wrote Dammrich. Three different types of tariffs, including Section 232, countervailing duties by the US Department of Commerce and International Trade Commission and last month’s Section 301 33% duty on aluminium from China, has put the boating industry in a difficult position.
“The Administration’s actions increase the cost of manufacturing in the US, resulting in less domestic production, higher prices for American consumers, and fewer jobs for American workers,” wrote Dammrich, warning that aluminium prices will “skyrocket”.
These tariffs, added Dammrich, are in direct conflict with another campaign promise Trump made: To protect American manufacturing.
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