150 and counting

The Farley Mowat pulled its first net of Operation Milagro IV on Nov. 24, 2017. The ship then was forced to dry dock for some much needed repairs. The Farley returned to San Felipe on Feb. 24th and rejoined the campaign. Since that day it has been a constant barrage of retrieving nets and saving trapped animals. The crew works pretty much 24/7 sometimes with little to no sleep making the job that much more difficult but extremely rewarding.
To date, the Farley Mowat has pulled 152 illegal nets and long lines from the Sea of Cortez. We have seen 598 various fish, sharks, turtles, and dolphins entangled in the nets. We have about another month on the campaign and will easily surpass the previous high mark of 155 set last year by this same ship.
This video is a representation of what we do all day, everyday. The uppers and the downers of the task at hand. 150 and Counting.
The Rev. Petey Out