tow/no tow/tow

So one of the most fun (not) parts of buying an old FT10 is finding a new replacement outboard that fits in the well. It should be as simple as buying a new 9.8 outboard by almost any manufacturer, right?
Wrong.  Almost all the new outboards have EFI now instead of carbs. Cool, but it makes the engine heavier and bigger and will not fit in the FT engine well as it was clearly designed around the smaller outboards of a decade ago. Not even thinking about that, I bought a brand new Suzuki 9.9, and discovered did not fit! (anybody looking for a 2018 9.9hp, 20″ shaft, electric start with remote control still in box, let me know!)
Two weeks of looking has yet to find a new or good used motor that fits. We were drawing near to launch date and without sails, we had no way to get it the 13 miles from Driscoll’s Mission Bay to our slip at SDYC. Then I remembered that I had Boat US and on membership card, it said in bold letters: UNLIMITED TOWING. Woo-hoo, I had found the answer.
Called up to get it towed at 8am last Saturday, made the appointment and all seemed well until the dude on the phone asked if the boat was leaving the repair facility. “Of course, I replied. “We’re sorry sir, you level membership does not cover tows from repair facilities.” What??  “Sir, if you had a Gold Membership, for only $25 more per year, this tow would been covered.”
So I’m pissed but realize I am screwed. So I pull out my insurance policy and see that tows are covered. Whew! That’s me saluting GF/Captain Mary as I resume duties as boat bitch, and  a little over two hours later we were in our slip, and looking like the cleanest tiger ever
Get the Gold Membership. – ed.
PS – We still need a motor. Anyone help on 8-9.9 two or four, stroke 20″ shaft, remote controls and electric start, gimme a shout.