inside out

Big Pimpin’  The next article in the series about the design and build of the Gunboat 68 talks about the interior design, and there’s more to it than you might think.
Interior design, engineering and some technology from the aviation industry come together to mark a quantum leap for the luxury performance cat.
Under new ownership of Grand Large Yachting, working together with industry experts like VPLP, Gunboat dedicated an entire year to design and engineering before beginning to build (boats #1 and #2 currently in production!). At a new level the Gunboat 68 is ready to deliver amazing sight lines throughout the boat, real comfort, quality and style, fast sailing and smart systems as well.
From the start, designer Christophe Chedal Anglay worked with Gunboat engineers to create 3D models to make sure all of the boat’s systems were fully integrated, prioritizing systems to avoid problems later. Key features were also designed early – we’re talking Gunboat favorites like retractable rudders, a forward cockpit and midships master berths, but also a breakthrough in versatility to easily transition between cruising and racing modes.
From Gunboat’s Head of Engineering Stephane Renard: “We created a highly versatile interior with furniture that can be removed easily, but can also be moved, linked and locked in place to give owners several interior configurations.” Then, to add greater comfort and higher quality while reducing weight aboard in a way that optimized the $/kg balance, they partnered with a company that specializes in luxury private aircraft furniture. Who’s ready for takeoff!? Comfort, performance, and systems without compromise…read the full article here.