the power of kit?

Big Pimpin’
Several studies have shown when it comes to teams of any kind, looking good makes a psychological difference and gives you a competitive edge.  But can you stay in budget and still look great? Sometimes you can do both but usually one or the other has to give a little (or a lot) depending on how elaborate a uniform you want to put together. Usually the person in charge will choose to skimp out on uniforms because as long as everyone looks the same what’s the difference anyway right? Wrong.
Research has shown that what uniform you wear and how you look impacts your mental state and can even impact the race.  Here are a few examples of why
Your Uniforms Impact The Other Teams –When a team shows up looking good it has a psychological impact on the teams they are playing. The other teams assume you must be good based off of your looks and will come out playing less confident. On the other hand, when your opponent sees you wearing something that looks like it was bought at Walmart and screen printed they automatically assume your team is a bunch of scrubs and they come out more aggressive fully expecting to win and that gives them the psychological edge.
Your Uniforms Impact Future Teams – Getting the best sailors each year is a challenge for any boat. Not only do your uniforms impact your recruiting but it also impacts your retention rate. Sailors look around and see what everyone else is wearing, if they are always on the team that looks like garbage they will soon find a team that doesn’t. Unfortunately for that team, the sailors will usually find their new team by sailing against them and taking a mental note of how great and confident that teams looks on the water. So you will end up losing your best player to a rival which really sucks.
Uniforms are only one factor in a successful team, but they are a much bigger factor than most people believe. “Dress like it, sail like it” is more than a tagline, it’s a way of life and a key to your future success. You can spend more, but you can’t get better team kit than what Super Maxi Highland Fling, Maxi Black Pearl, Maxi PERSEUS, Multiple Record holding Mighty Merloe, or the new Anarchy and hundreds of other top teams are wearing now with amazing graphics. http://www.dryuv.com/saoct.htm