bow down

Let’s say you run an article from a certain design house, and one of your readers/friends sends in a rebuttal to said article. All good. But then a “competitor” calls said friend, whining about why the article wasn’t sent to him. Of course, the “competitor” had nothing to do with either article, but still demanded that he be able to run the article as well.
That would seem pretty chickenshit, would it not?
What if same “competitor” obsessively fixates on virtually everything we do here at SA, often contacting advertisers of ours, complaining that they had gone “to the dark side” and issuing dire warnings for participating here? What if said “competitor” complains to regattas that we may be a part of, threatening not to give their event any coverage if we are involved?
That said “competitor” is known as the cut and paste king, constantly using other people’s work that is not written for him and putting it on his “site”, while at the same time, bitching to anyone who will listen about the “negative” and “bad for the sport” original content that we create?
Other than constantly dominating said “competitor” in every measurable metric, as we do, what would you do about such a gutless, behind the back bitch like said “competitor’?
Here’s what I’ll do – nothing. The truth is good enough. – ed.