we'll do it live!

Displaying incredibly bad judgement, NOSA has brought me in to host their Newport to Ensenada Live Start Show, to be broadcast from the Newport Beach Pier this Friday, with coverage starting at 1050 am. I am there just to babble a bit, because the real stars of the broadcast will be a very cool new breakthrough in drone filming. Headed by the enormously talented Justine Edelman, if ll goes well, this should provide some truly amazing video, assuming that a light air start off Newport can be called amazing!
But the weather is beyond our control, although I am sure I will bitch about it. Good friend Keith Magnussen will join me for some insight into some of the boats, along with some play by play talk.
It should be a blast. We will be live streaming from the NOSA FB page, so click here to watch it. And if you want to watch it later, we will have it ready to watch at any time. Come by and heckle me, or if you have questions or comments, send them here. Who knows, maybe I’ll read it over the air…
Title inspiration thanks to one of the biggest ass hats to ever be behind a mic.