thank you

I know that each of us gets caught up life – jobs, kids, significant others, family, etc. But one thing that we all manage to have time for is sailing. Whether it’s racing, or cruising or just a little bay sail, we always find the time. Sure, it’s likely not ever enough time, but we make it happen.
We hang out on boats, in yacht club bars, on the docks. We talk on the phone about it with our fellow sailors, we e-mail, FB, Instagram. Like crack, we seemingly can never get enough!
But the one place that almost everyone goes is online. There are a few choices, but for 19 years now, you have faithfully come to Sailing Anarchy for your sailing fix. I simply cannot express how much that means to us. Sure, we don’t cover everything (stay tuned for news on that), and often we offend, insult and drive you crazy. Yet you anarchists always stay with us, and that is just incredible. Seriously, you cannot understand how much we appreciate that.
With few exceptions, we have strived to be the best, the most interesting, and entertaining sailing site out there. We know that your time gets divided up, and that there are many places to go on the intertubes. You so often choose us and before you call me a whimpering pussy, I want to offer a sincere and heartfelt thank you to all of you who help make this place what it is. From our wild-ass forums, to sending in stories and pictures and videos from your corner of the world, we thank you.
As honest as I can be, thank you for participating, contributing and supporting Sailing Anarchy. And after 19 years, we can’t imagine not doing this with y’all. Nearly every single day, we love it. And we are thankful that you do too. – ed.
I don’t know if this is thread-worthy, but you are welcome to comment.
PS – I’m not going anywhere. – ed