happy 50th

We’ve been a bit late getting your new toys up, but here is a classic from Anarchist Bernard. Be sure to send in whatever new toy you have to play with!
Just wanted to share my new project I have been working on after Hurricane Gonzalo 3 years ago when she got beat up pretty bad in Le Galion Saint Martin FWI still under ownership of the legendary Pat Turner who sailed her for decades.
I remember I was a little kid and seeing them scream around St Maarten and just wish I was on that boat. Now we built her up and she got flipped and hurt again when this bad bitch Irma came over to St Maarten to show us what nature is capable of.
Punchline is that being a St Maartener and sailing as many Heineken regattas as I have, my main objective was to have her compete on her 50th BDay. We were literally rebuilding the aft deck and a hole in the starboard wing beam 48 hours before the start of the regatta. With no time to spare, we got out and made it through a 3 day racing session with the old girl again!
I was so stoked to have made it in the Nick of time and she actually did it!