don't drill, baby

The Environment
This makes us very happy. Following California’s lead, more and more states are calling bullshit on Dolt 45 and his evil bitch Scott Pruitt’s notion that more offshore drilling is somehow a good thing.
Never forget that these two despicable traitors don’t give a single flying fuck about the waters that many, many of us sail, cruise and race in.  So before you trumpsuckers start bitching, just remember one thing: this should not be a political issue; caring about and being the stewards of the environment should be an overwhelming partisan no brainer. It isn’t. We wonder which party is the problem..
You know that you righties don’t have to follow The Dotard off a cliff. Use your brain and quit blindly salivating over everything that imbecile forces down your throat…
New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has signed bipartisan legislation that bans offshore oil and gas exploration and its production in the state’s waters last Friday. The bill, A-839, also prohibits the Department of Environmental Protection from issuing any permits and approvals for the development of any facility or infrastructure related to offshore drilling within or outside of New Jersey waters.
In addition, the bill requires the Department of Environmental Protection to review any proposed oil or natural gas development in the Atlantic region of the U.S. exclusive economic zone to determine if the proposal can reasonably be expected to affect New Jersey waters.
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