new toy 1

The first of our New Toy feature; (If you have a new build, a boat that is new to you, monster garage, etc. thenĀ send in a few words and a pic. We publish it)
Enclosed a picture of the Fliere Fluiter showing her new colors and new US wardrobe. Fliere Fluiter is an FF1100 designed as fast cruiser by Koos de Ridder and build 2003 by FF boats in the Netherlands. At 11 mtr (36 ft) with a powerfull sail plan and only 4200 kgs displacement she is everything what FF stands for (Fast & Fun).
Fliere Fluiter best translates into english as fiddle-faddle or idler ;). Anarchist Mattijs.
We’ve gotten quite a few, but want to keep this rolling, so if you got it, send it.