new toy

Inspired by the piece above, and our spotlight on the brand new J/V 36 NightShift we thought it might be interesting to have our world-wide Anarchists send in a pic and short blurb on whatever new-to-you boats you have.
Doesn’t matter what it is. It could be a Fast 40+, it could be a J/70, a cruiser, dinghy, multihull. New, used or beat to shit.
Even if you are dumb as the editor here, you could pour too much money into a 4ksb, and then hate it. That is worthy of some sort of award. Douchebag of the Year, perhaps?
Whatever, this is about you guys and gals who made that leap into boat ownership. Show us what ya got and we will put it up on this mythical Front Page. This should be really fun! Now get to sending!
Title inspiration thanks to this New Wave classic.