blind squirrel

We loathe Ryan Zinke. A gun loving, right-wing douchebag who along with criminal Scott Pruitt, is trying to gut our national parks and environmental protections that keep their oil and coal buddies from raping our precious lands. But even an anti-american prick like him can very rarely do the right thing once in a blue moon. But we would not be surprised even slightly if there is some hidden agenda here. These people do not have your best interests at heart and cannot ever really be trusted to do the right thing…
US Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke yesterday signed two secretarial orders that would increase access to public lands. One order directs different parts of the agency to create plans within 90 days that focus on expanding recreational opportunities on public waterways and lands. The order also mandates that one full-time employee will be responsible to oversee recreational opportunities.
“I have made it abundantly clear that we are going to refocus on Interior’s long-standing but recently forgotten recreation mission,” said Zinke in a statement. “The Department must continue to create opportunities to increase access for these pursuits.”
The NMMA said prioritizing recreational access to public waters will “help grow outdoor recreation” to ensure that it remains “central” to the American lifestyle. Outdoor recreation accounts for 2% of US GDP, and growing faster than the US economy as a whole. NMMA president Thom Dammrich said his association and the Recreation Roundtable, comprised of different outdoor-focused industries, stands behind the Department of Interior’s new recreational priorities. Thanks to IBI News.