next level

Holy christ what a radical new Fast 40+ this is! It is the new Carkeek-designed Ran, and it clearly just broke new ground in design evolution.  With looks like this, it better be fast. Like really fast. Here’s the dope:
A new carbon mold was CNC milled by Persico in Milan, and shipped to Carrington Yachts. Jason Carrington is world-renowned both as a professional yachtsman and as a race yacht builder.
With an all carbon fibre construction, Rán has a very minimalistic layout with halyard locks to reduce the size and number of jammers and winches. There are no jib-cars, control lines adjust the position of the headsail clew and the spinnaker drop system below deck is state of the art. The single grinder pedestal and trimming positions are aft to keep crew weight to the back of the boat. The helm position, via a tiller extension, is behind the main sheet trimmer, and forward of the tactician. Rán features side-deck hiking benches and forward of the rig, the flush deck eases sail changes and manoeuvres. Rán also features a lightweight and environmentally friendly electric engine.
Photo thanks to Louay Habib/FAST40+ Class. Jump in the thread for more pics and discussion.