putting your money where your mouth is

The Biz
SHANGHAI, China – In exciting news for the disabled sailing community worldwide, the S\V14 organization are proud to announce that Fareast Yachts will produce the S\V14 at their production base in China and in a remarkable offer, will supply the first one thousand S\V14’s at a subsidized price of US$ 3,000 for the base boat ex works Shanghai. Fareast Yachts have also agreed to keep this price fixed until the end of 2019 after which the price correction will be no more than the material cost, and capped at the official inflation rate as published for the People’s Republic of China.
“This is an unprecedented development none of us saw coming”, says Mr. Alex Simonis who was in Shanghai to sign the agreement on behalf of the S\V14 organization with the CEO of Fareast Yachts, Mrs. Demolar Du.
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