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Pimp, Inc
The world of racing instrumentation is filled with devices that only do one or two things, and don’t do them very well. Low-performance sensors inhibit accuracy and undermine trust. Fixed digit displays limit functionality and force you to buy a new product for every new feature.
In response, Vakaros designed the Atlas: a no compromises, all-in-one, racing instrument, combining 18 Hz GPS with a magnetic compass and IMU. The large graphical display is customizable and delivers unmatched readability, even in full sunlight. The Vakaros app makes it easy to update and configure the Atlas, connect wireless sensors and upload data to the analytics platform.
The Most Accurate Instrument on the Water
The Atlas is built around the highest performance GPS, inertial, and magnetic sensors available. Data from these sensors is processed using an advanced sensor fusion algorithm to combine their outputs- reducing measurement noise without introducing latency. At the start line, where meters and seconds count, the Atlas is second to none. Accurate speed, heading and position ensure distance-to-line measurements can be trusted. The Atlas makes time-to-line a reality, using an advanced machine learning algorithm to predict real-time acceleration and performance, making it possible to nail the start.
Ready to go anywhere
Lightweight (180g) and waterproof, the Atlas is designed for use on boats ranging in size from a Moth to a Farr 40, and runs for days on its internal battery. Constructed from anodized aluminum and Gorilla Glass and assembled in the USA, the Atlas is ready for wipeouts, waves across the deck, and pretty much anything else you can throw at it.
Pre-Order now ​ to receive the Atlas at a one-time introductory price and get beta access to the Analytics platform (Q4 2018).