lost in translation

From a Dutch sailing website…
The 2018 Boot Duesseldorf show saw the launch of the FarEast 37R (photo), the series’ first aluminum-hulled craft. FarEast boats range from 18 to 31 ft. (5.9 to 9.5m). There is also a 36 ft. (11m) catamaran. They are all made in Shanghai. In 2017, FarEast invested in high-quality production automation. That raised the yard’s production efficiency by 30% and cut production losses by 80%.
Of the aluminum 37R (11.3m), Maarten Voogd says: “It is both a racer and family cruiser. “We have kept the weight to 4,400 kilos (9,700lbs) and the ballast ratio high.” It retails around $144,000, excl. tax.
It is most assuredly not built of aluminum. Now click here to read the headline.