feva fever

The 2018 RS Feva World Championships kicked off yesterday and runs until Sunday in Clearwater, Florida. One hundred and two teams have traveled to this event from 11 different countries. After day one an American Team Dieter Creitz and Conrad Miller from Seattle Yacht Club put on a show scoring a 3,1,1. While the American duo made it look easy, racing is tight at the top and there was very little room between boats at the mark roundings and certainly keeping things exciting!
The RS Feva has been around for 16 years with regular 200+ boat championships, but never outside of Europe. 2018 was a turning point, massive international growth with the America’s Cup Endeavor Regatta, successful North Americans, Orange Bowl Int’l Youth Regatta, and booming fleets throughout North America it was time to host a World Championships here. Coincidentally, the supplied charter fleet for this event include the beginning of the 7000 sail numbers, that’s right… over 7,000 RS Fevas out there!
The RS Feva has seen success as it bridges the gap between smaller youth boats and more powerful youth boats. It’s been proven to retain youth sailors from 10-15 years old, especially among girls, giving them an exciting and versatile boat to grow into. The World’s fleet is 50% comprised of 10-15 year girls who likely wouldn’t be in the sport if it wasn’t for the RS Feva! #Bridgethegap
For more on this World’s check out facebook @RSFevaNA @RSFeva and the event event website here.