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You remember that scene where James Bond emerges from the sea in full scuba gear and steps out of his wetsuit to reveal perfect evening dress, ready to make ladies swoon at the roulette table? Fiction, of course. And yet that’s what Marc Blees has set out to achieve with his new Code-Zero brand of clothing.
A great sailor in his own right, one of the best Finn and Star competitors to emerge from the Netherlands in recent years, Blees has also produced clothing for many big-name fashion brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and O’Neill. Closer to home he has been pivotal in the development of Gaastra Pro as a successful marine brand. In launching Code-Zero he brought together his two passions for fashion and sailing.
The challenge he set his designers was to create apparel that was tough enough and reliable enough to go racing in utmost comfort and without compromise, while at the end of the day you could step ashore and straight into the restaurant without changing and without embarrassment. Even 007 had to change before entering the casino.
‘It’s very difficult to make great sailing gear and great casual gear into one garment, and I don’t believe we have any competition because we are talking about two very different worlds,’ says Blees.
Title inspiration thanks to Dexter.
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