sign o' the times

We like this post in our Fabulous Forum…
Ed or someone has been sharing some vaguely risque vintage sailing ads on the Page That Does Not Exist, and on Facebook.
Maybe we should re-name this place “Sailing Amish” due to the screeds and fits that people have posted over the exposure of a bewbie? You’d think the Ed was posting Japanese tentacle porn. The nudity itself isn’t very exciting to me as I’ve seen my fair share. What I find really interesting, is that at one time, sailing was regarded as so exciting and popular, that this type of marketing was employed. The targeted demographic was obviously very different. Younger.
It appears that at some point, sailing and yacht racing was considered on a similar level with performance auto and motorcycle racing and other such activities and used similar marketing techniques. Now, sailing seems mostly geared towards the older, retired set. The marketing I’m used to seeing today shows smiling, white, elderly couples lounging on deck in white, linen pantsuits with a glass of Chardonnay in their hands. Even more amusing, these images are interchangeable between sailing ads and financial planning and wealth management ads.
I realize that some pretty tasteless things have been posted on this site in the past, but I feel that these vintage ads being posted are taken totally out of context by the complainers. It’s not about the boob, it’s about how sailing was marketed and sold in the past, which I find pretty interesting.
I say, keep sharing these old ads. Everything from DC comics, to sailmakers. It’s pretty cool. Jump on in.