pass the valium

 In a recent post the VOR Race Experts tell us that Mapfre is gaining miles on everyone.
The tracker however tells us that that since the 0100 UTC sked Dongfeng has gone from (according to the tracker at least) from 14.4 miles in deficit to Mapfre at 0100 UTC according to Scuttlebutt Europe (linked to Seahorse Magazine) to 0.9 miles ahead 15 minutes ago. Even the tracker doesn’t quite add up as it is showing a gain of 14.4 miles while 14.4+ 0.9 is surely 15.3 is it not?
The “East Wind” must have their own West Wind, lit the afterburners or just hit that perfect groove.
I know I am liable to be accused of being biased AND there is still a long way to go to The Horn, let alone Itajai but to gain 15.3 miles over the space of just one sked is extraordinary.
Where have the Dongers found the extra gear from? Or has the table of luck turned in their favour?
Or does Mapfre have an issue as it is not just Dongfeng that has taken chunks out of them, in fact the only team to bleed any distance at all is Scallywag with all the teams taking double figures out of the Spanish boat.
Another couple of skeds like that and I shall be reaching for the ‘malt’ or the Valium (or both)
All those who thought the fat lady was standing in the wings ready to come on stage may just have to wait a while, looks like we have a yacht race on our hands.