not dead yet

Ross Bell has never been so happy to be ignored in his life. The long-time Manly 16ft Skiff Club sailor wrote to the race committee asking for a revision to his handicap time after going two years without a win. He dropped the letter off at the club and headed out to sail in last Saturday’s pointscore race, unsure whether his request would be met.

He had his answer a few hours later after piloting Ross Bell Electric to a handicap win in a light nor easter. He will now get a handicap adjustment – just not the one he was after.

“No-one was in the office when I dropped the letter off so I’m not even sure anyone read it,” Bell said. “I wrote that we were old and slow and the young blokes were smashing us and we needed our handicap revised.

“They can rip that letter up and put it in the bin now. We won’t be getting any favours now.” At 57, the popular Bell is in the veteran class at Manly.

His love for the sport keeps him coming back year after year despite the victories drying up.

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