go/no go

From our fabulous forums, brought to you by Marlow Ropes. Our advice to the question below would be not to go…
I’m an inexperienced skipper who wants to take mostly green crew right around Vancouver Island in 2 weeks total, the same pace as the VanIsle360 race. I’m here for some advice and probably some flaming. Don’t disappoint me, Anarchists.
I can’t offer the same entertainment value as some of the lunatics on here- the boat is sound (38″, new, full set of sails). Crew of 3, two new to sailing and one with about 1/2 my experience. I’ve been in and out of (smaller) boats my whole life so I am maybe a little too comfortable. I’ve skipped a Great Lakes live-aboard for a couple months, raced dinghies at school, crewed one 600nm ocean crossing, and have studied my coastal nav. I have never had to set a drogue or heave-to in bad weather. Or flown a spinnaker.
To make a long story short I’m aiming to level up and get better, but a 2 week sprint around Vancouver Island is maybe all stretch, no goal. I’m hoping somebody one here can give me a sense of what to expect on the exposed Pacific coast or tell me to stop being a fucking idiot if necessary. The other option would be to cruise up the inside passage, spend some time checking out the Broughtons / Bella Coola, and cruise back down.
So..anyone who sails the west cost of B.C. or has done the VanIsle 360 want to help me NOT make the news?
What say you? Chime in.