Being There
K-Mag gets you up to speed on the mysterious masthead crane adventure…
Well that escalated quickly!! MEXORC was a roller coaster of emotions for me this year. After coming off our success in the PV Race we went into MEXORC a little tired and bruised. The last push (200 miles) to the finish took a lot out of the crew. The first race was a “random” leg course in front of the old town. This created a beautiful backdrop for the racing and a challenging light air course. We ended up getting bounced around by the fleet and got a bit frustrated. We ended up with a disappointing finish and some questions to ask ourselves.
Day 2 was back to the old race course and classic W/L in good wind. We had two races for the day and we got off to a good start buy rounding second with our sister ship firmly behind us. Good going, let’s jibe away and pass this Swan in front of us. The kite went up and I thought to myself, that looks strange.
Not going to go into details but lets say we had to take it down and re arrange it. Spent a good 1/4 of the downwind with no spinnaker. Fought back to a second but overall disappointment. Race 2 for the day we had incredible boat speed, solid tactics and no F-Ups. Finished the day 2,1 so back in it.
Third day of racing was out to the Murrietta Islands and back. This is a good one and we had confidence back. After a poor start and bad air we found ourselves behind again. We took the low road and sailed around the other 125 and close to the speedy Swan. The lead boats in our class were approaching Punta Mita and the three of us made the final tack towards the islands.
The wind was about 18 and we had the three up and the other 125 below us and back. Great let’s settle in for bit and go fast…. What is the loudest bang you have heard? For me it is not the sound of the crane breaking off a J-125. The backstay went limp and as we looked up to the top of the rig we were in shock. The crane was dangleing by the wires for the tri-color and what not. Head to wind, sails down all that jazz. Erik went up to get the crane before it came down and killed someone and now we are working out how to get the boat home. Talk about a weird way to end this one…