new tradition

We love these design and build insights from Stephens Waring design
It’s the question that defines this wee and wonderful Spirit-of-Tradition design world of ours: What exactly is the line between a lovingly restored historic replica, and a true blended modern-classic, Spirit-of-Tradition yacht? We had a clever idea: why not sit down with an owner of just such a period replica, and ask his perspective.
Let us introduce you to Charles Colman, an amiable mid-westerner who does most of his sailing on Wisconsin’s Lake Geneva. And this otherwise reasonable fellow has spent the past several years pouring his heart and soul into recreating a turn-of-the-century sandbagger design, called Tattler II.
All you replica purists should know that Colman did what we in this shop almost never do: He sought to recreate the past as accurately as he could. Instead of working from a broken down beater of a hull, Colman found a storied classic sandbagger design that told a validatable story dating all the way back to the summer of 1892. He then hired a mid-west builder, fluent in the local design idioms, namely our friends over at Van Dam Custom Boats, in Boyne City, Mich. Colman then traveled with Ben Van Dam to Annapolis, MD., to view two original sandbaggers and acquire original plans. The team at Van Dam then modeled those plans and survey data up into working construction drawings, using modern design software. From all that, Colman then had an apparent replica built, from scratch!
Safe to say, no throwback style points were left on the table with Tattler II. Read on.