In this part of the world – Ireland, devastating storms that wreak havoc on nautical hardware, usually only happen in places we have barely heard of, much less visited. Last weekend, storm Emma visited us and paired with a polar drift, dumped a rare snowfall on Ireland and the UK. Late on Friday, a spring tide and 50-60 knots of relentless wind completely wiped out Holyhead marina, sinking over 27 boats. Have a look at Jdmedia’s drone footage here. .
On this side of the sea in Dublin, the long shed containing 8 of our prized, 120 year old ‘Howth 17’ one designs was breached by the same storm. 2 or 3 have been completely destroyed. The waves took the roof off the shed and filled it with water causing the boats to bash off the walls and each other like corks.
The pictures show the waves coming over the pier, Rima surveying the wreckage of ‘Anita’ and Anita out sailing last season.
Title inspiration thanks, in part, to the greatest punk band ever. – Anarchist Cags.